“To travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Anderson


As we plan for retirement or if we’re already at that stage in our lives, many of us have a goal to do as much travelling as possible.


Whether it’s a couple provinces away to visit grandchildren or a bike tour across France, getting away from the everyday doesn’t have to be expensive or extensive. In fact, there are a lot of unique ways to experience different landscapes throughout the world.


Debbie Brown, Senior Living Specialist, said the opportunities for interesting excursions is only limited by the retirees imagination.


“Sometimes, it’s a matter of thinking outside the box on finding a way to enjoy a great getaway. Seniors are often on a limited budget, so although we’d all like to travel the world that’s not always realistic. That doesn’t mean though, that it’s not possible,” said Brown.


Recently, there’s been some travel trends that are becoming more and more popular with retirees. While they may not all be suited to everyone, they all have their merits and would certainly help cure the travel bug fever.

  • Pay it forward by travelling to help improve conditions in developing countries or protect endangered species.
  • International House Sitting. Live for a short period of time in an exotic locale without having to pay for lodgings.
  • Experience camping in a new way. Take a glamorous camping trip in a yurt, tree house or authentic safari tent. Enjoy amenities, planned actives and nature in style.
  • Learning Vacations. Travel abroad to expand your knowledge. Take cooking classes, learn more about the art of yoga or venture out on wine appreciation tours.


Regardless of where you go or what you do, there’s always something new to discover, friendly people to meet, languages to learn and cultures to immerse yourself in.


Careful planning can help you to meet your travel and retirement goals, but remember to be adventurous, be creative and have your camera ready to capture all those amazing experiences to post on Instagram for your grandchildren to see!