Summer is here!

It was officially summer on June 21. While many of us enjoy all the seasons of the year, summer tends to be an absolute favourite.

For seniors, the warmer weather is welcome, especially in comparison to the frigid cold we experienced this past winter. It’s easier to get out and about and the warmer temperatures seem to give us for more opportunities to socialize and have some fun.

Since the summer solstice lasts for just three, short months, it’s important to make the most of it. Tips for seniors on how to enjoy and embrace the season include:

• While we love the sunshine, extremely hot temperatures tend to keep seniors indoors almost as much as the extreme cold. During a heat wave, plan to get outside in the early morning or early evening, drink plenty of water, wear a hat and sunscreen. Yes, you read that correctly; it is important for people of all ages to protect their skin from damaging ultraviolet rays.

• Summer can be very busy, and the social calendar can sometimes overflow. Keep a calendar handy to stay organized. You may also want to prioritize the events that you absolutely want to attend. It’s important to find the right balance so you’re not exhausted from attending every single function, while still having lots of energy and enthusiasm to attend the ones that you really want to.

• A busy social calendar often means a hit to the pocketbook. As you consider your monthly budget for the next two or three months, be sure to allow for extra expenditures such as wedding gifts, essentials for gardening, trips to the ice cream parlour, extended travel or day-trip adventures. Adjusting your budget will ensure that you’re not overwhelmed and stressed by additional expenses.

• Embrace and plan to support community events such as farmer’s markets, outdoor concerts, and sporting events. There are plenty of events that are free and entertaining. Look for event listings in the newspaper, on local websites and posters around town.

• Start a new hobby or schedule time for doing the things that you love to do. Geocaching, metal detecting, golfing, lawn bowling, pickleball, or swimming are just a few examples of all fantastic activities that can challenge you and keep you moving all summer long.

• Be prepared for company. Friends and family members from across the country often schedule time for visits while they’re on summer vacation. Try to keep a few light snacks and cold beverages on hand to make hosting a short visit easy.

• Don’t forget the basics. Sometimes, we’re so busy going to different events that we forget to do the simple things that can help us to enjoy the summer even more. Go fishing, plan a picnic, read a book outdoors, enjoy a cup of tea on the patio, or go for a nature walk. These simple pleasures can help to reduce stress and ensure you make the most of the summer.