Decisions, decisions, decisions. Life is full of them. As you start to reach retirement age or if you’re already there, one of the biggest decisions you may soon be faced with is figuring out where to live.

While many people prefer to stay in their forever home for as long as possible, it’s not always practical. Everyday tasks often become more and more difficult, yard work becomes unmanageable and many seniors start to find themselves very lonely.

In cities like Brandon, residents are fortunate to have a number of different options available to them. Some people will choose a condominium or an apartment, others may select assisted living, independent retirement living or some may choose to live with other family members in a mother/father-in-law suite. For the most part, the type of dwelling is often dependent on what option is best from a financial point of view, whether that be renting, leasing or owning.

Senior Housing Specialist, Debbie Brown, said that families are often overwhelmed with the choices available, but once the immediate needs are identified, the answer becomes much clearer.

“Families need to consider essential needs such as physical care (which generally increases as people age), transportation, personal care, the desire for socialization and the need to maintain hobbies, wellness activities or even volunteer opportunities,” said Brown. “Narrowing the options based on essentials and desires helps make the decision of where to live in your later years that much easier.

Brown also recommends planning early and to make an attempt to include all family members in the decision making process. “Making living arrangements for loved ones is so important and can often have an effect on all family members, whether they live nearby or far away.”