Rotary Villas employs a number of procedures to ensure the safety and security of residents.  Some features and procedures we use are:

  1. Cameras – Movement in hallways, common areas, entrances and exits are monitored.  With the use of cameras, we are always aware of who is entering and exiting the building.
  2. Guest Sign In & Out – All visitors must sign in at the Front Desk when entering and exiting the building.  Not only does this let us know who is visiting, but it is also a requirement in case of a fire emergency.
  3. Emergency Pull Cords – Each suite is equipped with a pull cord in every room.  The common areas throughout the building are also equipped with these emergency cords.  These cords alert the Front Desk receptionist that help is required and where.  The Front Desk is equipped with an AED and First Aid Kit.  All staff are trained in First Aid.
  4. Door Tag Checks – Every morning upon waking up, residents flip their door tag indicating they are fine.  If the tag hasn’t been turned when staff does the daily check, staff will call or go visit the suite to ensure everything is OK.

The safety and security of residents is of utmost importance.  These features and procedures are in place to ensure the well-being of our residents.