It has been almost one year since Ina and her husband Eric moved into Rotary Villas at Crocus Gardens and they couldn’t be more pleased with their decision. They are comfortable, well taken care of and happy in their new home.

Ina said that the choice to move to Rotary Villas was an easy one as many household tasks just became too much for the retired couple as health issues started to affect their way of life.

“I have emphysema, so the physical work of caring for a home became too much. When you are young you can get the house vacuumed in one day or a few hours, I was far from that. And truthfully, I never really liked house cleaning anyway,” laughed Ina.

Now, at their new home, conveniently located on 10th Street in Brandon, they don’t have to worry about housekeeping or even simple, little things that many people take for granted like changing a light bulb. They are grateful to be surrounded by caring and helpful staff.

“We just love the personal contact. If you are late for breakfast, they call to check on you. Any needs that you have, they do their best to help you. The staff really does the utmost; they go above and beyond to interact with us, to show us that they care,” said Ina.

While caring and accommodating staff and a variety of necessary and convenient amenities are available, Ina and Eric also value the social benefits of living at Rotary Villas.

“We also appreciate the social interaction with other people. So many people arrive here single and have lost a spouse. Those who have been here for a while are very understanding and friendly. They stop and talk, wave to you, they know we’re all in the same boat. Eventually, we get to know each other and their families and all of a sudden you’re not alone anymore and that is what’s so important.”

Although Ina will be turning 90 this September she still drives her own car. Nearly every day, they take their dog Rusty, a nine-year-old cocker spaniel, to the dog park. They love the independence that they still have, but at the same time, they know that they can take advantage of the extra services that are available to them when needed.

“Even though I drive, I still like to take the shuttle for medical appointments and such. For me, even walking across a parking lot is too far. With the shuttle, they drop me off right at the door and pick me up,” said Ina. “It’s all these little things that make life easy and simple.”