What Are My Health Teams (MyHTs)?
MyHTs are partnerships that bring different care providers together (whether located in the same office or connected online) to work with you to make sure you get the care you need when you need it.  MyHT includes your doctor or nurse practitioner but also other health professionals such as a social worker, dietitian, pharmacist and mental health shared care counselor.  Each team is developed around the needs of their community and patients. These team members connect to provide faster and more focused care for you the patient or healthcare user.  As a patient of My Health, you will be treated as a partner in planning and managing your care and will be provided with the tools and resources to help you do so.

What are the benefits to me as a MyHT patient?

  •  Team members will have tools and support to work together with you to manage your health needs.
  • Link you with other health services and community resources depending on your needs.
  • Connect you with an appropriate My Health Team provider.  For example, a dietitian may see
    you regarding diet concerns; a social worker may help you with personal concerns.
  • Work with you and team members to manage and track your care in a coordinated manner.
  • Reduce the time you spend repeating your medical history to different health care providers.
  • Help you avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room or urgent care.

MyHT and Meredith Medical Clinic
In January 2018, MyHT Brandon and Meredith Medical Clinic came together with a team of providers to support patients who call Meredith Medical their “home clinic.” MyHT Prairie Mountain Health providers, including a social worker, dietitian and pharmacist will work in the clinic ½ to 1 day a week offering their knowledge and support for problem-solving, short term counselling, connecting you to community resources, helping you manage chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure and explaining complex medication needs.

How do Patients Access MyHT Providers?
Patients that would benefit from a team-based care approach will be identified during their visit(s) to a Meredith Medical Clinic Provider. The provider will consult with the patient and/or family and send a referral for an appointment to be made with the appropriate MyHT health care professional.

Note: the MyHT Social Worker will accept appointments booked by any individual, family or provider in the city of Brandon (with or without a referral). Those who do not have a family doctor in Meredith Medical Clinic can contact the social worker at 7th Street Health Access Centre (Address: 20-7th St Brandon, MB; Phone: 204 578-4825).  Additionally, anyone can self-refer to the Chronic Disease Education Program or Outpatient Dietitian Services by calling 204-578-2374 in Brandon.  Those who do not have a provider in Meredith Medical Clinic can be scheduled to meet with a certified diabetes educator and/or dietitian based on reason for referral or where your family doctor is located.

More information about the MyHT providers, services and times available in Meredith Medical Clinic can be found in the patient waiting area.

The Province of Manitoba supports primary care practices and regional health authorities (RHAs) in a number of ways, including the development of My Health Teams (MyHTs).   For more information about MyHTs visit: http://www.gov.mb.ca/health/primarycare/public/myhts/

A group photo (including 4 females and 1 male) stand for a photo. These people are a part of the My Health Team Brandon at Meredith MedicalA lady poses for a photo. She is part of the My Health Team Brandon at Meredith Medical.

Meredith Medical “My Health Team” – L-R: Sharlene (Medical Assistant/Reception), Sandra (MyHT Social Worker), Dr. Meredith, Cory (MyHT Pharmacist), Katelyn (Clinic Manager/Reception), Kayla (MyHT Dietitian)

Missing from Picture: Dr. Carpenter