Safety first – how many times have you heard that? When it comes to seniors that’s one of the things that we’re most often concerned with, especially if they are living on their own.

There’s the chance of falling, home invasions, inadequate fire and smoke alarms, and not having the right accessories and equipment. Not always, but sometimes people don’t upkeep their homes to the ultimate standards, nor are houses renovated to accommodate the special needs of an aging person.

Although there may be seniors who have lived in the same house all of their lives, until you take a close look at what’s around you, many people don’t realize how many hazards there are within the home that could put their relatives’ safety at risk.

Simple things like not having proper lighting, the lack of handrails, having exposed extension cords, or too much clutter can have an impact on how a senior can function in their own home.

Other aspects to consider in terms of health and personal security is the importance of safe indoor air, whether the home is resistant to moisture damage and is free from the infestation of pests, and having windows and doors that fit, close properly, and are secure. Patio doors are not thought of as hazard, but they are a welcome sign to burglars. They allow good access to see what’s inside the house, they are often left unlocked and if they do get locked the locks are fairly easy to pick (especially older doors).

If the desire is to stay in the home, the onus is then on the homeowner, relatives, friends and neighbours to do a thorough review of the house to make certain that it meets safety standards.

There’s a definite advantage to living in a condominium, personal care home, or assisted living residence. There’s no concern over basic safety features like working smoke detectors, easily accessible entrances and exits or adequate lighting. While family members will always worry about the physical and mental health of their loved ones, if they live in a retirement residence they can at least be reassured that all safety precautions are met.

Assisted living retirement residences such as Rotary Villas at Crocus Gardens offer peace of mind with 24-hour onsite staff to monitor the building, a call system for emergencies and a secure entryway to ensure only invited guests are allowed within the building.

Other safety aspects that the local owners were conscious of when designing and building Rotary Villas was to ensure non-slip flooring was installed, that all areas were wheelchair accessible, and that handrails were installed down the spacious hallways and in other areas to aid seniors should they need it.

We strive to provide an environment that is safe and comfortable while at the same time creating a home-away-from-home atmosphere.