It was typical winter weather for Manitoba. The wind was howling, the snow was twirling and whirling…a blizzard had set in.

While living in a small town seniors complex, Audrey was on her way out the door but didn’t realize how icy it was. Before she knew it she was on the ground in need of medical attention. Fortunately, paramedics arrived and came to her aid.

However, the emergency room at the local hospital was on a temporary closure and, if that wasn’t bad enough, the highways were closed and impassable so she wasn’t able to get to another health care facility to get the full medical attention she required.

“It was after my fall that I decided that I wasn’t going to go through another winter like that,” said Audrey.

Even so, choosing to move from the community where she spent the last 67 years of her life was still a difficult decision. Audrey and her husband, Allan, built their lives in a small, rural Manitoba town. They raised their three children there.  They were involved with the community — years prior Audrey worked at the local library.  And of course, this is where all of her friends lived. The community had everything she needed, except for an assisted living facility.

Audrey was first introduced to Rotary Villas at Crocus Gardens after visiting a cousin whom lived there. She immediately felt right at home and loved the atmosphere; she moved in last October.

Now, as she looks back and watches the snow and ice pellets hit the ground, she knows she made the right decision and has the peace of mind that she was looking for.

“It is like living in luxury as far as I am concerned,” said Audrey. “I’m still very independent, there’s lots of activities and wonderful staff. I don’t want my kids to have to worry about me. They are all just retiring and should be able to enjoy their retirement and not have to worry about my well-being.”

At 91-years-old, Audrey appreciates that she doesn’t have to leave the building to get to a doctor’s office, the pharmacy or to even get her hair done, but also thinks that it is ideal that a shuttle is available to take you wherever you need to go.

“It’s so much simpler. You don’t have to find someone to drive you or pay extra costs for gas and mileage and make all these extra arrangements.”

Audrey enjoys keeping busy and goes to the exercise classes.  As an avid reader she takes advantage of the good selection of books in the library that is supported by the Rotary Club of Brandon.  She enjoys playing cards and participating in many of the other activities. In addition, she often works on her family history projects on her computer, travels when she’s able and enjoys FaceTiming her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren on her iPad.

“I feel a lot younger being here. I’m thankful I still have my mind and am able to do all the things that I can while living here,” said Audrey.