July has zoomed by and with any luck, you were able to spend some time at the lake, get some visiting in with friends and family as they toured through Manitoba, and maybe even had a family reunion, wedding or milestone anniversary to attend.

As we get ready to turn the page on the calendar, you may be left wondering what there is to look forward to in August, but with more than half the summer still to go, there are plenty of events throughout the province that are well worth taking in.

Many seniors enjoy visiting small towns; they offer a slower pace and are often reminders of simpler times. A great way to add a little adventure to your summer is to plan a day trip to a nearby small town. Organize your trip around the community’s agricultural fair and you’ll be pleased you did.

The Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies has a website that promotes all of their members’ events (http://www.mbagsocieties.ca). Communities all across the province have been preparing and planning for months to make their event special and successful for residents, as well as for visitors from near and far. Each fair is unique and offers a variety of events and activities for all ages.

Agricultural fairs offer an opportunity to reminisce the past and bring people back to their roots, plus the organizers ensure that they are jam-packed with entertainment.

The main attractions usually differ, for some it could be a rodeo, harness racing, or a horse show, while others may focus on different competitions centred on baking, handicrafts, vegetables, floral arrangements, or preserved food.

Many of the organizers take pride in planning events such as a pancake breakfast, parade, strong man competition, demolition derby, or motorsport races. There’s also king and queen farmer competitions, magic shows, carnivals, fair rides, food trucks, exhibits, petting zoo’s, demonstrations, and so much more.

While the events help to promote the success of those involved in the agricultural industry today, they also help to preserve the history of farming in Manitoba and serve to remind us of how far we’ve advanced over the years. Determine which fair you might enjoy the most, invite your friends and make the most of what we have left of this year’s summer.

We may not wish to go back to the days of churning butter or using outhouses, but it’s often nice to be reminded of these simple times and revel at how far we’ve come in the modern world. Taking a trip down memory lane can by entertaining and taking in a small town fair may help to remind you of the good old days.