September 18, 2020 COVID-19 Update:
Public health orders that apply for the Prairie Mountain Health region were issued on September 17, 2020.
The changes to the Pandemic Response System impacts Rotary Villas community in the following ways:
Each resident can identify two support people who will be able to visit in the resident’s suite for an unlimited visitation time between the hours of 9am – 9pm.
• Support people are defined as only those close family and/or friends who have a clearly established pattern of involvement in providing active care and support to the resident’s emotional wellbeing, health, and quality of life.
We are expecting colder weather to be with us soon and therefore must transition our outdoor visits to an indoor space. Our private dining room will be set up to allow for general visitation. Visitation hours will be 9am – 8pm for general visitors. Visits must be scheduled through reception. Visits are scheduled on the hour and will last 45 minutes in duration. This allows for 15 minutes to disinfect the visitation space. This space can accommodate up to 4 visitors.
Visitation at Rotary Villas will be permitted provided that the ALL visitor(s) meet the following requirements:
1. Visitor(s) pass the COVID-19 screening process.
2. Visitor(s) wear a mask AT ALL TIMES while in the facility (and therefore do not bring in food/drink for self consumption).
3. Visitor(s) travel straight to the visitation area without loitering in any common areas or other resident suites and avoids touching surfaces in the facility en route to the visitation area.
4. Physical distancing (6 feet/2 meters) is maintained during the visit.
Off property visits are not recommended given the risk to residents and to the facility associated with unknown nature of contacts, exposure and other required safety measures. We will however support low-risk activities for residents and families during screened visitations such as a walk around the property (with physical distancing maintained and masks worn).
As we continue to be a high-risk community the following protocols will remain in place:
• Residents are strongly recommended to wear masks in our common/public areas.
• Screening of all staff, visitors and residents that enter the building.
• Visitation remains restricted (as detailed above).
• It is recommended that residents leave the grounds for essential reasons only.
• If a resident leaves for non-essential (social) reasons then it is recommended that for a 14 day period:
o Receive daily screening with our COVID-19 screener
o Wear a mask at all times when exiting your suite
o Abstain from participation in group activities including dining room service
o Receive room service for all meals
• Physical distancing of 2 meters/6 feet must been maintained between each person.