Cost of Living Calculator

It can be difficult comparing the costs of an all-Inclusive lifestyle to your own unique, day-to-day lifestyle. By inputting your own expenses below, you can compare the monthly expenses of your current lifestyle with Rotary Villas Retirement Living.

Before completing the table, visit the Suites & Furniture Guide page to determine which type of suite you are interested in occupying. Each suite has a corresponding monthly rental fee which you can enter below in the Rotary Villas column on Line 1.

#Monthly ExpensesYour Expenses
(to nearest $)
Rotary Villas
1Rent or Mortage Payment$ $
2Tenant's Insurance$ $20.00
3Condo Fees$ Included!
4House Insurance$ Included!
5Property Tax$ Included!
6Utilities - Gas & Hydro$ Included!
7Telephone$ Included!
8Internet$ Included!
9Cable$ Included!
10Lawn & Yard Care$ Included!
11Weekly Housekeeping$ Included!
12Maintenance & Home Repairs$ Included!
13Security / Alarms$ Included!
14Emergency Call Service (Lifeline)$ Included!
15Laundry Services$ Included!
16Vehicle - Fuel$ Included!
17Vehicle - Registration$ Included!
18Vehicle - Maintenance$ Included!
19Other Transportation (Bus, Cab)$ Included!
20Groceries / Dining Out$ Included!
21Recreation & Leisure$ Included!
22Exercise Programs or Memberships$ Included!
 Total Monthly Expenses$ $

This table is provided for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Please consult your financial planner or tax advisor to review and discuss your unique financial situation.