When we are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, it sometimes feels like we’re playing a game of chess. As with the mind game of courtly pawns, every move we make seems to have the potential for unwelcome consequences. However, with the pandemic, the stakes are high, especially for seniors.

One of the highest stakes is living arrangements. Are you still living alone in the family home, are you in an apartment or condominium, or do you reside with other family members? If it’s time to re-evaluate your current living arrangements, you may want to consider the benefits that an independent living community can provide, especially in today’s circumstances.

While there may be some myths that living in a retirement residence isn’t the ideal environment for a senior to be living in during a global health crisis, consideration of the following aspects might help to contradict the myths.

Combating Loneliness and Boredom

  • Even though there may be times where visits from family and friends are restricted (or not allowed), there’s an entire community within a retirement residence that allows seniors to maintain personal connections. While adhering to physical distancing guidelines, residents may be able to interact, visit, and enjoy activities together. And, if it’s not with other residents, there will always be, at minimum, interaction with staff. To some, especially those living on their own with little interaction with others, not being all alone may seem like a luxury.
  • Independent living communities often have activity directors/coordinators that help to keep seniors active, occupied, and stimulated. They have been working extra hard to think outside the box and have come up with creative ideas on what activities they can organize to keep seniors busy and engaged while at the same time being COVID-19 friendly.
  • The common rooms at most independent living communities are spacious and provide seniors with a change in scenery, even if it may be limited. There is also plenty of outdoor living spaces that give seniors the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and get some much needed fresh air.

Less Stress

  • With all of the essentials taken care of in an independent living community, seniors have a lot less worry. They don’t have to go grocery shopping, prepare meals, get gas, or leave the premises to pick up a prescription. All they have to do is keep up with medical appointments.
  • Those living in an independent living community don’t require a vehicle, and families no longer have to be concerned as to whether their elderly family member is still able to get around while driving safely.
  • Also, residents don’t have to trouble themselves with cleaning and sanitizing, or even ensuring whether they have the proper supplies on hand. The staff makes sure that ample supplies are available and that the building is clean from top to bottom.
  • Seniors living independently in a retirement residence also don’t need to stay on top of the latest developments regarding the pandemic, if they choose not. Watching or listening to the news day in and day out can add to an already stressful situation. The facility employees are conscious and aware of the current guidelines and will set proper protocols to keep everyone safe.

Living in an independent retirement residence allows seniors to enjoy the benefits of all-inclusive living and give families a chance to relax. It’s an environment that provides less stress, less worry, and more time for families to enjoy each other’s company and conversations.