Each week we’ll be posting a letter of the alphabet and how it relates to Rotary Villas. You can view the full list here.  Photos for each letter can be viewed on our Facebook page.


Artwork of a colorful red yellow blue and green flower is displayed.

Artwork that residents painted with Noel Moes.

Creating or even viewing art has many positive effects such as offering sensory stimulation; assisting in socialization; helping individuals relax; reducing boredom; improving cognition; and much more. Our Art Room is the perfect space to bring forth one’s creativity. Artist Noel Moes visits Rotary Villas twice a month to paint with residents. A craft of some sort is also usually scheduled each month whether it be creating table and wall decorations for special events or holidays, dyeing Easter eggs, making Christmas wreaths, or making puppets for visits from the daycare children.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Bacon, eggs, and toast with a couple orange slices.

At Rotary Villas, residents have the three options – continental, classic, or delight – to choose from.  Continental breakfast includes a choice of hot or cold cereal, assortment of bread and pastries, yogurt, or fruit.  The classic breakfast includes two eggs cooked to preference, bacon or sausage, hash browns and toast.  The delight option changes day-to-day; for example, this morning it was a veggie omelette, tomorrow will be French toast, and Sundays are always eggs benedict.


Many benefits come from living in a community living residence.  No need to stress about the home or yard maintenance, housekeeping, or cooking.  It’s all provided so there’s plenty of time to relax and become a part of the community — socialize and participate in activities such as exercise classes, card games, floor curling, crafts, Wii games, and more; dine with friends and/or family and enjoy nutritional meals prepared by a qualified staff; relax in your clean private suite.A group of four seniors sit and have coffee and chat in front of the fireplace

Community living allows you live life to the fullest!


Each season and holiday brings out different festive decorations around Rotary Villas.  Whether it be flowers for spring, hearts and all things love for Valentine’s Day, flags for Canada Day, pumpkins and fall colored leaves for Halloween, or Christmas trees and light, we like to add a fun festive touch to our hallways and common areas.

A lady places decorations on the branches of the Christmas tree